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Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane is a unique material offering endless possibilities of colours, textures and shapes. Whether for a custom-made part in small quantities, or a large batch for industry, Koutou Ltd. has the know-how to formulate the recipe and design the mold that will meet your needs. This very durable polyurethane can easily replace traditional plastic, rubber and upholstery. The advantages of polyurethane are numerous:

  • Durability and stability
  • Resistance to abrasion and tear
  • Resistance to temperature variations and UV rays
  • Resistance to solvent (detergents) and water
  • Elasticity and flexibility
  • Infinity of shapes
  • Possibility of insertion
  • Density (according to your requirements)
  • Insulation and thermal capacity
  • Sound absorption
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic
  • Selection of textures and colours

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